Reinventing UX
for a key financial calculator

Client: Arbor Realty Trust/ArborCrowd


Arbor’s equity investment division, Arborcrowd, needed to make better use of its #1 ranking page for IRR calculations. The term IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is a key, yet quite complex and misunderstood factor in real estate investing.
The current page had a good functioning IRR calculator, but was lacking in design and offered no flexibility beyond the page. We wanted to make some strong improvements to get the most of this valued traffic source, such as:
  • Develop the functionality into a scalable, compact widget format with expandable functionality
  • Make the product function responsively on mobile and as a stand-alone app
  • Add a new graphing function that visualizes the return on investment
  • Give the user options that are intuitive without distracting from the core calculator

My roles in the project:

Strategy/concept, UX, UI Design


Original IRR Calculator

UX Planing Docs

UX Prototype Screen in Adobe XD

Final UX Prototypes

UX Prototype Screen / Desktop
Final IRR Calculator Prototype on Mobile

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