Creating a Dynamic NYC Launch
for Danish start-up sustainable food app

Client: Too Good to Go

Develop an initial NYC market awareness campaign that highlights our mission to support:   


– A huge amount of food is wasted every day and is bad for the planet
– People need to get involved; help reduce food waste
– Too Good To Go is your source for help in the cause

The campaign is focused on making an impact in a visually crowded online and physical (NYC) space. This simple, yet bold statement raises awareness of food waste, without using the word ‘waste’. The term is often associated with garbage in NYC; a huge issue for the city and one that we struggle with.

My roles in the project:

Concept Development, Art Direction, Copy, Photoshop



A big picture campaign that builds awareness to the cause, and starts the conversation in New York City.


This approach is targeted to NYC residents who are engaged to environmental causes  (primarily Millennial and Gen Z). Outdoor locations are focused on residential placement (subway entrances, local billboards, Citi Bike stops, etc), vs. typical tourist advertising placements.



Campaign focused on Food sections of NY Times, Village Voice, and TimeOut NY.


Instagram has a very popular following within the restaurant category, especially within the younger NYC audience. Despite an audience that favors environmental issues, many have little clue on the amount of food waste within this industry. This makes it an ideal platform for bringing in an audience that’s receptive an earth-friendly alternative that allows them to enjoy local restaurant food.


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