Connecting Attorneys
with an in-house counsel social platform

Client: Lexis-Nexis, Martindale-Hubbell Division



Lexis-Nexis was launching a new social media platform for their legal division, Martindale-Hubbell. The new site is based on the concept of connections: or ‘referrals’ as known in the legal world. Building those connections through in-house and corporate lawyers is the key to business success for many firms, and this platform was designed to expand on them.


Starting with Martindale’s vast lawyer directory, the platform gave attorneys a strong start in matching their skillsets and experience with the needs on in-house counsel. My role was to develop the UX/UI that makes the process seamless and natural for a non-tech focused attorney. 

My roles in the project:

Web Design, UX, UI, User A-B testing



Examples of the site’s home page and dashboard, used for AB testing