Elevating a PDF Report
into a dynamic multi-language website

Client: Realogy

I turned a static, PDF report into a dynamic, responsive digital experience for desktop and mobile. Re-formatted written content for the single scrolling site within WordPress, while developing a flexible layout that grew with new content. Images were optimized for digital (quality and scaling) while producing animation screens for internal site promotion.

Site grew to 10 languages; requiring even greater flexibility for title sizes and non-western characters. Integrated full multi-language WordPress modules to manage translations.

Project also grew to include an internal legal document site to manage policies behind a firewall-protected environment. Worked closely with IT and compliance to meet expectations.

My roles in the project:

Web Design, Animation design/production, Web Development Management

Internal Launch Video for Website




Post-launch, the client came back and asked for the current site to accommodate 10 more languages; three of these were non-western characters (Cantonese, Mandarin, and Hindi). This required structural changes to allow word formats to flex to both horizontal and vertical spaces.

In addition, we had two long word languages (Dutch and German with words as long as 26 characters!). These required even further modifications to work with the approved layouts. Design changes were NOT an option.


Researched a strong multi-language WordPress module that would accommodate our custom needs, while retaining our high-security requirements. Production/templates needed to be modified to allow flexibility. Also worked with an outside development company to modify the site’s templates and back-end system.


The end product not only allowed full-text flexibility for the 10 new languages but also adapted well to mobile use.


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