Raising $$ for Kids in Need
Century 21 & Easter Seals online fundraiser

Client: Century 21 & Easter Seals

My client at Century 21 came to us for ideas on how to make a fundraising concept come to life. A newspaper did a ‘Cutest Baby’ photo contest to raise money for a local charity, and Century 21 wanted the idea for their charitable partner, Easter Seals. Our version was elevated to be online, and Nationwide.


We worked with multiple partner teams to develop the design, core functionality and UX of the contest. This needed to include a simple way to enter, manage online fundraising, as well as share capabilities so parents can reach out for donations on their child’s behalf. The top three fundraisers were to win various prizes and scholarships for their child.


Although a very rewarding project, it was full of ongoing challenges as legal discovered that several states laws on fundraising and privacy that required changes mid production. This required the design and functionality to change on a regular basis.


The final project tied online donation request via email, Facebook and Twitter. The site reported a live leaderboard, while allowing Century 21 to monitor the progress via a custom admin dashboard.

My roles in the project:

Web Design, Social Media Design, UX/UI, Copywritting, Managed Custom eCommerce/Development


Planning Docs

Final Design Screens


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