Bringing Sustainability
into Nike’s retail environment

Client: Nike

Nike’s Sustainable Business Department wanted to raise awareness of sustainability among consumers at the point of purchase. This would help Nike stand out in a very crowded space with a new point of difference. Lots of factors hinder additional marketing/promotion at this level, from retailer restrictions to limited floor space.


I pitched the concept of a system to rate the sustainability of each product through four core levels: water savings, CO2 reduction, recyclability and waste reduction. This allows consumers to quickly digest the unseen benefits of Nike’s apparel at the key 3-5 second selection process.


To keep it simple, I developed an icon rating tag that was easily implemented alongside the price tag. A new upper rack card was also created with simple, bold definitions of the four factors. We also referred consumers to a Nike URL and an in-store iPad/Kiosk with simple, bold action phrases to make a difference in their purchase.


The end result was a working setup in a local Nike Goddess store to run a 2-week limited test of the program.  I designed and produced new tags, shelf cards, signage, and kiosk for the test, along with internal education materials for the staff.


My roles in the project:

Strategy/Concept, Art Direction, Copywriting, Digital Design, Retail Design


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